Review of the English version of the scam "WebDengi"

We have been watching the activities of "WebDengi" scammers for several years. First appeared in 2014, by 2017 they have managed to create over three thousand clones of their sites under different names, but with the similar design. If before they developed only Russian-language sites (our review), now they have already created an English-language version of a resource. Thus, we have taken a decision so to make a review of it.

Remember the scam's design:

Any site with a design like the screenshot above = scam! Please, don't pay attention to the site name and its logo − they are always different!

What do they promise?

You are offered to earn on viewing ads on various sites and be paid for it. 10 cents fee for a site view is guaranteed.

What in fact

In fact, you don't need even watching advertising up to its end − just enter captcha (4 signs or digits in 5 seconds):

After you do it, the earned money is added to the balance. That's ridiculous! Have you ever seen the website paying a dime per one? Trusted websites ( for example) pay for this work $0.0005 maximum.

However, let us suppose you have started working. After earning $150 (the minimum amount of the money withdrawal) you get a message telling you that they money will be paid for you only after attracting 40 referrals:

Then you will be offered going to the "Exchange of referrals". It’s the "general" scam! Here you should pay $9 - $20 for the referrals to bitcoin-wallet:

Furthermore, when you press the button "Check receipt of payment" you will see: "The amount of XXX has not yet come to bitcoin wallet XXX":

This "error" always appears as there was no money transfer verification!

You can complain to technical support (support.php) and if they answer, you can get one of the following answers:

1) You will be told that there was a failure in the database and your payment was lost. As "compensation" they will credit money to your balance and offer to pay money for referrals for the second time. Impossible, but many users believe this scam and pay again.

2) You will be sent a link (confirmref.php) to the form for adding referrals. Following it, you can add as many referrals as you like:

Some people suspect deception and do not pay for referrals, instead they start advertising the project in social networks. Here is a screenshot of one comment:

Finally all conditions for the money withdrawal are fulfilled. First they wrote this: "Your application has been accepted and it is being reviewed".

Your application has been accepted and it is being reviewed

But at the end of August 2017 they updated their websites and came up with a new attempt to take money ($10) from you — quick verification: "Your account is not approved. The approval time will be approximately 30-60 days. You can also pass quick verification procedure(3-5 min.) and immediately receive money".

The same thing was on Russian-language sites. They offered to pass quick verification and promised that you will receive money instantly, but after payment they wrote that the money has not yet been received.

In any case, you won’t see your money even in a year!

UPD 08/21/2017 How many earn the creators of scam

Since payment for referrals is performed to bitcoin wallets, anyone can look at transactions (for example, on this site).

Also we collected and checked all the bitcoin wallets from the "Refferal exchange" page. It turned out that in a week (since the creation of the English version of the scam on August 15, 2017) scammers earned 2.2055 BTC (at the rate on August 21, 2017 this is $8874)!

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  • 23.09.2017 14:17 от Oduro Benjamin



    • 23.09.2017 21:19 от Гость

      Mr Ben are you also from sub-saharan Africa
      This post just saved my ass


  • 22.09.2017 23:29 от Гость I have 170$ pending withdrawal hahaha I will not buy referrals on exchange let the scammer lend me 10$ and I'll pay him back double hahaha Thanks for this review!!!!!! CONFIRMED SCAM site.


  • 21.09.2017 00:34 от Гость

    Pls can you show as a site that we can make money with


    • 23.09.2017 21:20 от Гость

      Such site is not easy to come across
      Or may never exist o


    • 23.09.2017 15:24 от Гость


  • 20.09.2017 14:36 от faizu

    Excuse sir


  • 19.09.2017 17:28 от sHAFI is legit but earn small. I have proof
    Summary Membership
    Since: 2014/12/16 +

    Seen advertisements
    You: 13,764 =
    Your referrals: 2,636 =

    Main Balance: $0.699 =
    Rental Balance: $0.000 +
    Received: $9.148 =

    Direct Purchases: $16.102 =
    Points: 3,922 =
    Coins: 17


  • 18.09.2017 20:44 от emmaxoflife

    Totally fake
    Got up to 265$
    And was asked to refer 40 people .
    Thought I outsmarted them by creating multiple accounts and registering with my own link
    And was asked to pay $10 bitcoin again for account approval ¿


    • 23.09.2017 21:22 от Гость

      You didn't get a penny at the end I presume


  • 15.09.2017 21:22 от fahad

    I am also facing such problem they send150$ account for database problem


  • 15.09.2017 08:18 от Satis

    Is there any site where we can make money by doing any type of work from home. Please revert back thanks


    • 21.09.2017 02:38 от Гость

      Bitclub advantage


    • 16.09.2017 11:52 от Гость

      Yes there is. Legit work. Hit me back for more info


    • 15.09.2017 17:45 от Гость

      Arising direct


    • 15.09.2017 08:25 от admin
      1$ for 5-6 hours non-stop work


      • 18.09.2017 13:39 от gowtham1394

        hello admin i earnt 1200$ but .there is shown as,account not approved it will approved 30 to 60 days. its poissiable or impossible i dont no.tell me


        • 18.09.2017 13:48 от admin

          Of course, this is impossible. We told the truth in the review


  • 14.09.2017 21:22 от Гость is not openin


    • 14.09.2017 21:33 от admin

      We were able to open this site. Apparently, it depends on the country or the problem with the provider


  • 13.09.2017 11:43 от snowwhite5557

    I was just another new fool who believed this disgust....


    • 23.09.2017 19:52 от Гость

      Me too bro I've fucked captcha almost 1million times Fuck damn
      Still didn't get any Fuck from the site


    • 14.09.2017 14:48 от admin

      Other users do not see your comment. You can check it for yourself: go to /support.php from another browser (without authentication)