Review of the English version of the scam "WebDengi"

We have been watching the activities of "WebDengi" scammers for several years. First appeared in 2014, by 2017 they have managed to create over three thousand clones of their sites under different names, but with the similar design. If before they developed only Russian-language sites (our review), now they have already created an English-language version of a resource. Thus, we have taken a decision so to make a review of it.

Remember the scam's design:

Any site with a design like the screenshot above = scam! Please, don't pay attention to the site name and its logo − they are always different!

What do they promise?

You are offered to earn on viewing ads on various sites and be paid for it. 10 cents fee for a site view is guaranteed.

What in fact

In fact, you don't need even watching advertising up to its end − just enter captcha (4 signs or digits in 5 seconds):

After you do it, the earned money is added to the balance. That's ridiculous! Have you ever seen the website paying a dime per one? Trusted websites ( for example) pay for this work $0.0005 maximum.

However, let us suppose you have started working. After earning $150 (the minimum amount of the money withdrawal) you get a message telling you that they money will be paid for you only after attracting 40 referrals:

Then you will be offered going to the "Exchange of referrals". It’s the "general" scam! Here you should pay $9 - $20 for the referrals to bitcoin-wallet:

Furthermore, when you press the button "Check receipt of payment" you will see: "The amount of XXX has not yet come to bitcoin wallet XXX":

This "error" always appears as there was no money transfer verification!

You can complain to technical support (support.php) and if they answer, you can get one of the following answers:

1) You will be told that there was a failure in the database and your payment was lost. As "compensation" they will credit money to your balance and offer to pay money for referrals for the second time. Impossible, but many users believe this scam and pay again.

2) You will be sent a link (confirmref.php) to the form for adding referrals. Following it, you can add as many referrals as you like:

Some people suspect deception and do not pay for referrals, instead they start advertising the project in social networks. Here is a screenshot of one comment:

Finally all conditions for the money withdrawal are fulfilled. First they wrote this: "Your application has been accepted and it is being reviewed".

Your application has been accepted and it is being reviewed

But at the end of August 2017 they updated their websites and came up with a new attempt to take money ($10) from you — quick verification: "Your account is not approved. The approval time will be approximately 30-60 days. You can also pass quick verification procedure(3-5 min.) and immediately receive money".

The same thing was on Russian-language sites. They offered to pass quick verification and promised that you will receive money instantly, but after payment they wrote that the money has not yet been received.

In any case, you won’t see your money even in a year!

UPD 08/21/2017 How many earn the creators of scam

Since payment for referrals is performed to bitcoin wallets, anyone can look at transactions (for example, on this site).

Also we collected and checked all the bitcoin wallets from the "Refferal exchange" page. It turned out that in a week (since the creation of the English version of the scam on August 15, 2017) scammers earned 2.2055 BTC (at the rate on August 21, 2017 this is $8874)!

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  • 23.08.2017 14:34 от

    pls is there any online job i can do to assist my finance, am a student and any small income will do.thats my email above


    • 23.08.2017 18:13 от admin

      Yes, but they do not pay much. We already wrote websites, look in the comments on the early pages


  • 23.08.2017 14:23 от Error_One13@yahoo

    Please add me in facebook thats my email. I want legit online working. Thanks!


    • 23.08.2017 18:12 от admin

      Sorry, but we do not have a facebook account. You can write on

      And we don't know much about foreign earnings websites. Personally, not one was tested. We already wrote in the old comments sites for earnings, which according to the reviews are honest. Please search.


  • 23.08.2017 11:40 от ahsan

    My friend in Australia tell me he withdraw money from this site


    • 23.08.2017 17:58 от admin

      Ask your friend to provide screenshots of the withdrawal. Most likely the friend deceives you with the purpose to force you to register on its referral link


  • 22.08.2017 18:10 от Гость

    In payment details of it, I click the bank account for a way of payments. Unfortunately, it's too late already that I realize that it was a scam. Is there any possible that I can delete the info about my bank account number and name? Is there any possible that they can hack my bank account and get money from it?


    • 22.08.2017 21:12 от admin

      Unfortunately, no, it's impossible to delete info about your bank account number and name. No, they will not be able to hack your account


      • 23.08.2017 01:42 от Гость

        Thank you for the response. I'm really worried that they can hack my bank account, now your response is such a relief. Thank you very much.


  • 22.08.2017 17:11 от Гость

    How do I get referrals ? No one can tell me and I have money waiting to be distributed


    • 22.08.2017 17:25 от admin

      You do not believe our review? Do you really think that the site will really pay you $150?

      You can get referrals in two ways:
      1) Distribute referral link on different sites (Facebook, etc.), thereby you deceive new people who will believe the site. It's bad.
      2) You can open the page http://any_site_of_this_fraudulent networkm/confirmref.php, enter bitcoin-wallet=198QK25LjxyoxNHffyzvQvxjXqWLXhBhj4, transfer amount=10$, number of purchased referrals=100. Then send form, refresh page and referrals will be added.

      But in any case, you will not be paid money!


      • 26.08.2017 00:28 от Гость

        how can I bypass there quick verification process
        your link on refferal worked


  • 22.08.2017 14:06 от king123450

    Admn ihave never dispointed like how iam,iam using vapmoney they ask to get 150 so that I withdrow my money and get on that Nomb they recomand me to have 40referrals ,after get 40referrals ,they said my acount has not approve when i back to my account its olread blocked my freind don't use this site again.can you plz direct us on good site


    • 22.08.2017 14:10 от admin

      We are interested, can you tell us in more detail about "when i back to my account its olread blocked"? You enter your login and password, right? What's next? What message do they show to you (can you quote or a screenshot please).
      Good sites we wrote earlier in the comments, but they pay very small ($1 per day and still need to spend 3-4 hours of time).


      • 30.08.2017 05:34 от HighKat420

        I have been working for this site and attracted 41 referrals in 2 days. I earned $625 in my account and tried to withdraw the money.

        I waited for 3 days. The project manager replied that there has been a problem and that they deposited $150 in my account as compensation. And I need to pass a verification process which is depositing $10 in their BitCoin wallet and I am able to withdraw the $625 from my account.

        I've been trying to find a lowest possible rate in the local Bitcoin site where I can buy a cheap BTC. 48 hours passed, when I tried to log in to soxmoney my account is already blocked and I can't log back in. There is a pop up message that says, "Username do not exist. You are maybe blocked or account deleted for inactivity"


        • 30.08.2017 08:32 от admin

          Thanks for the detailed answer! We've added a screenshot of your answer to the review.


  • 22.08.2017 12:55 от marichu111

    Oh my I was then a victim on this curse be to this scammers.


  • 22.08.2017 11:32 от Гость

    Admin, you asked me how much I want to make?

    Is it possible to make at least $50 in a day? And can you put me through pls. And incase you can't drop your number here pls contact me through whatsapp 08133348083


    • 22.08.2017 11:37 от admin

      No, it's impossible for ordinary users. Such amounts can earn on the Internet only few people, such as programmers, online stores, owners of high-traffic sites or YouTube channels... Without such serious skills, the amount of earnings is limited to $1-2 per day.

      Whatsapp we don't use, sorry.


      • 22.08.2017 11:44 от Гость

        How then can i reach you pls. Or msg me on facebook, @ king moses Olude or Thanks


        • 22.08.2017 12:09 от admin

          You can send email to


  • 22.08.2017 07:50 от Гость

    I cannot open my account!Why this happened, what should I do about it,please help me !


    • 22.08.2017 08:26 от admin

      Can you tell us in more detail? You enter your login and password, right? What's next?


  • 22.08.2017 07:43 от Гость

    I was so dissappointed to my friend push me to do that. And whwn i reach 150$ i need 40 refferals before i get my money! I work to get 40persons and suddenly after that theirs a pop up said that account not approved yet. I need to wait for 30-6days before i withdraw the money. And today 08/22/2017 i open my account and it's all gone. I can't open it. Please help me to close their site!


    • 22.08.2017 08:29 от admin

      Are you sure that the site (not to be confused with was one of those about which our review?


      • 24.08.2017 00:02 от Гость

        Its d same,the vogmoney,zummoney etc is a scam,